Young Hollywood's Dominican-born star JanLuis Castellanos is new to the scene but yet in possession of such preternatural talent -and is set to star in two major upcoming series: "13 Reasons Why".    Read More

With smoking hot looks and acting chops to rival his leading contemporaries, JanLuis is set to be the breakout star of 2020.

"Don't Look Deeper" will premiere on the short-form video platform, QUIBI, founded by Jeffrey Katzenberg and led by Meg Whitman. Co-written by "Lost" co-creator Jeffrey Lieber, who also serves as showrunner, and Charlie McDonnell, "Don't Look Deeper" is set in Merced, California, "fifteen minutes into the future." It centers on a high school senior who can't seem to shake the feeling that something about her just isn't right. And that something is... she's not human.
This revelation of what she really is, where she comes from, and who has started looking for her, sets in motion a series of events that suddenly puts her entire life in jeopardy.

QUIBI has already taken the entertainment industry by storm, luring such A list talent as Liam Hemsworth, Anna Kendrick, Guillermo del Toro, Jennifer Lopez Kevin Hart, and Lena Waithe to the platform. Targeting 25- to 35-year-old millennials, QUIBI houses serialized scripted and unscripted content as well as news and sports, with fresh excerpts of content daily.

"Don't Look Deeper" is one of their most highly anticipated series and is set to launch soon.  The Latinx star will also play Diego Torres in the upcoming fourth and final season of Netflix's YA drama "13 Reasons Why." Diego Torres is a charismatic, aggressive, and fiercely loyal leader of a divided football team struggling to understand the loss of one of their own. But as Diego grapples with his own grief and confusion and his violent temper, masking a hurting heart, he finds himself falling for one of Liberty High's most complicated women.

Last year, JanLuis starred in HULU's hit original series "Marvel's Runaways". Based on Brian K Vaughan and Adrian Alphona's comic book series and executive produced by series co-showrunners/writers Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage ("The O.C." and "Gossip Girl") along with Marvel's Head of Television Jeph Loeb.


Based on the fan-favorite character from the Runaways comic series, JanLuis brought to life 'Topher,' a not-to-be-trusted vampire with a dark secret who is schooling the 'Runaways' on a whole new level of street game.

A tough and complicated kid, he is the ultimate survivor and a crafty runaway himself who knows how to read the room and win friends when he needs to. 

Bilingual JanLuis grew up in Santa Domingo, Dominican Republic with his grandmother until the age of nine when he moved to New Jersey to live with his mother, step-father and younger siblings.

Growing up with a natural talent for athletics, Jan Luis balanced high school as a state champion wrestler while finding a passion in choir and theatre, starring in musicals "West Side Story" and "Jersey Boys". It was modeling after college however, that brought JanLuis to Los Angeles, scoring campaigns with popular brands such as Adidas, Abercrombie & Fitch, and even a National Network Commercial for Coppertone USA.

A self-proclaimed book worm and fitness junkie, when he's not on-set or taking class at the 'New Collective' in LA, JanLuis spends his free time reading and working out twice a day. He hopes to be a role model for kids and prove that it doesn't matter where you came from, if you put in the hard work you can do or be anything you want in life.